Rib-eye steak
with homemade butter with truffle shavings, truffled mash, jus,  a side of pickled red onion & snow pea shoots :


100gm of black truffle
4x 350gm of Rib Eye Steak
2 x red onion – halved & sliced around 1cm thick
1x 500ml Bulla cream
6-8 x Pontiac potatoes – peel & quartered
400gm of snow pea shots or watercress if you cant find this
Murray River Salt and Pepper
1 cup of Red Wine Vinegar
2 tsp smoked sea salt
¼ of a cup white wine
100gm of butter
¼ of a cup beef stock
Olive oil


Pickled onions : Put the sliced onions in a bowl with the red wine vinegar and leave to pickle. This is better if you do it over night, but can also be great for an hour.

Homemade butter : mix 250ml of cream in a mixer until it turns yellow and fluffy, drain in a muslin cloth or new tea towel , pull tight to strain as much of the liquid as possible.

Season the steak with salt and pepper & cover with glad wrap so that it reaches room temperature before cooking.

Potato mash: boil the potatoes in a medium saucepan until tender with 1 tbsp of sea salt & a pinch of smoked sea salt. Drain the water & put the potatoes back in the pan, add 100gm of butter & 250 ml of cream. With a microplan, grate around 2 -3 tsp of truffle into this mix , mash it up and stir it all through. Season lightly with salt to taste. Set aside until ready to serve.

Rib Eye : Heat frypan on high, put a splash of olive oil on both side of the steak, then once the pan is hot, place it on. Give them around 5 min then flip and another 5 min, add 50gm of butter to pan and coat, you can place this in the oven on high for 2-3 min  just to make sure its perfect inside.  I make sure of this by checking all the time, using the touch, finger & palm method. For medium rare, the steak should feel like the ball of your palm does when you put your middle finger and thumb together. Or if you have a temperature gage, then it should be around 55 degrees, rest it for 10 min before serving.

Make the Jus while the steak is resting :place white wine on the pan to deglaze it, then once you’ve burnt the alcohol off, add the stock, and reduce, you can add a touch more butter but it should be good to go. 

Heat the mash, as you’re doing this, take out butter and put in a bowl, add a pinch of Murray River salt mix, then add around 2 tsp of grated truffle & mix. 

Place the mash in a ramikan, I used a jar because I love that look.

Strain the pickled onions and lay over the snow pea shoots , position the steak

on the plate and place a tbsp. of the butter on top.

Shave some fresh truffle over the butter and serve!